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Impact Report


Whoever we are, wherever we are, we all share something in common: the interconnected natural systems that maintain a stable and resilient planet and keep us alive.


Welcome to our Impact Report. In it you will learn about our achievements and some of the work undertaken in collaboration with our partners over the past twelve months, thanks to the support of our donors.

In an increasingly uncertain world, we recognize one unshakable issue: people want positive change that will protect the planet for them and future generations.  

From the Arctic sea ice to the Amazon rainforest, from critical ocean currents to our fresh water network, the global commons support the well-being of all life on Earth. 

Today, the global commons are in crisis and struggling to absorb the pressures we are inflicting on them. The impacts are already severe. It is urgent to bring everyone to meet the challenge of safeguarding the global commons, and embark on a new era of resilience and regeneration, so there’s a future where  people can thrive on a healthy planet. 

This is going to take a truly global effort in which the global community supports those acting locally as stewards in the most critical places and ecosystems. And where governments, cities and companies get behind a common vision for a safe and just future, and transform social, institutional and economic systems in a joined up way. 

We recognize that safeguarding the global commons relies on just access to resources for people from all regions, an equitable share of responsibilities and benefits among societies, and diverse representation from all regions.

This includes an emphasis on underrepresented but essential perspectives, such as indigenous and traditional knowledge, and an inclusive approach that involves the global majority in shaping collective strategies and decision-making. 

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100+ Partners
58.5k Global social media audience
200k+ Reach on social media

As we move forward with a new strategy focused on deepening awareness of how the Safe and Just boundaries can integrate with, shape and improve global policy; move the public to demand meaningful action; incentivize economic actors to transform, and demonstrate all of this to upscale the work, we look forward to working closely with our partners to mobilize citizens, companies, cities and countries to accelerate systems change, and become better guardians of the global commons.

Thank you for being here with us today, as we continue to work together for a safe and just future for all. 

With your support, it really is possible.

With all my best wishes,

Jane Madgwick Executive Director, Global Commons Alliance

You can explore some of our 2023-24 impact stories below.


'safe and just' science

Peer-reviewed science, influencer support, global media coverage, engaging visuals, convening, and influencing decision-making.

Moving people

to demand action

An informed public can take meaningful action by advocating for change, voting for change - either at the ballot box, with their wallets, or by raising their voices to demand it - as well as by implementing changes in their own backyards and communities.


economic actors

Scouting the best paths forward, targets having an impact, regional hubs, navigational support, holding companies accountable, expert analyses, and mapping.


to upscale






Thank you to all our donors, supporters and partners.

GCA appreciates all of the donors who have made and continue to make our work possible including*:

Altman Foundation; ClimateWorks Foundation; Generation Foundation; Global Environment Facility; The Tiina and Antti Herlin Foundation; William and Flora Hewlett Foundation; Laudes Foundation; MAVA Foundation; Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation; Oak Foundation; Open Society Foundations; Porticus; Skoll Foundation; Swiss Philanthropy Foundation; Walton Family Foundation; KR Foundation; Rockefeller Foundation; Planetary Guardians; Global Challenges Foundation; Formas, and the Frontiers Research Foundation.

*This list represents GCA donors since inception who have no restrictions in having their gift being acknowledged in our impact report.